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I just posted on Facebook a brief little update that went something like this...

What the heck is my deal? Why is it taking so long for me to get books written and out the door for readers to devour? 
The complete answer is that it has to do with me and that it's complicated. And yes, that's pretty much what I wrote on the Facebook post as an answer.
But what the heck does that mean? Did my creativity dry up? Have I run out of stories? 
Absolutely not.
Then what gives, Ellie Mae? Why aren't you writing those stories and getting them out the door?
The truth?
Yeah, preferably. 
Okay, fine I'll give you the truth, because really, what do I have to lose at this point?
Not a durn thing.
Agreed. So here goes...

Back in the mid-90s I was dared to write a book. More specifically, a friend dared me to write a book that was better than the one I was complaining about.  Not being one to turn away from a challenge, I accepted the dare and the offer from the friend's wife (who volun…

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